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太极AG官方网站下载 有限公司(简称太极AG官方网站下载 )连续十余年入围中国企业500强,拥有15000名员工、13家制药厂、20多家医药商业公司、10000家药房及两大研发机构,是集医药研发、工业生产、医药商业、大健康产业于一体的全国医药产业链最为完整的大型企业AG官方网站下载 。1998年,太极AG官方网站下载 与国内外15所院校合作建立全国首批博士后工作站;1999年,太极AG官方网站下载 技术中心被认定为国家企业技术中心。

太极AG官方网站下载 现有中西药品规1500多个,全国独家生产品种75个、国家中药保护品种50余个、国家基药品规366个(其中独家品种7个),共有412个品种(740个批准文号)进入了2020版国家医保目录,其中独家品种21个,获国家专利175项,年销售额逾亿元的品种19个,过千万的品种逾100个。

喜逢盛世,在习近平总书记领导下,“中国梦”和“太极文化”是推动太极AG官方网站下载 发展不竭的动力。“守诚信、遵规则、负责任、创佳绩”的企业精神和“规范治理、聚焦主业、突破销售、提质增效”的企业经营方针,将推动和保障AG官方网站下载 高质量持续发展。达到以高科技赋能现代中药、智造优质产品,提供融汇中西的先进健康服务,创具有中国特色的世界一流医药健康企业的企业愿景。实现传承创新中医药和发展现代医药,为人类健康创造最大价值的企业使命。

太极AG官方网站下载 有限公司是中国五一劳动奖获得企业,习近平、江泽民等党和国家领导人亲临太极AG官方网站下载 视察工作,江泽民同志亲笔书写“太极AG官方网站下载 ”四个金光闪闪的大字予以鼓励。


Taiji Group Co., Ltd.

Taiji Group Co., Ltd. (short for TaiJi Group) has been listed in the top 500 Chinese enterprises for more than ten  years. It has 15,000 employees, 13 pharmaceutical factories, more than 30 commercial pharmaceutical companies, 10,000 pharmacies and two research institutes. It is a large enterprise group with the most complete national pharmaceutical industry chain, which integrates pharmaceutical R & D, industrial production, pharmaceutical commerce and general health industry. In 1998, Taiji Group established a post-doctoral workstation by cooperating with 15 domestic and foreign institutes. In 1999, Taiji Group Technology Center was recognized as a National Enterprise Technology Centers. 

Taiji Group  owns more than 1,500 Chinese and Western drug varieties, 75 national exclusive production varieties, 50 national traditional Chinese medicine protected varieties, 366 national basic drug varieties (including 7 exclusive varieties).  A total of 412 varieties (740 approval numbers) have entered the 2020 National Medical Insurance Catalogue, including 21 exclusive varieties, 175 National patents, 19 varieties with annual sales of more than 100 million yuan, and more than 100 varieties with annual sales of more than 10 million yuan.

In the prosperous age, under the leadership of General Secretary Jinping Xi, the "Chinese Dream" and " Taiji Culture" are the inexhaustible driving force for the development of Taiji Group. The enterprise spirit of "honesty, compliance, responsibility, performance" and the enterprise management policy of "standardizing governance, focusing on the main business, breaking through sales, improving quality and efficiency" will promote and guarantee the high-quality and sustainable development of the group, which will achieve the corporate vision of empowering modern traditional Chinese medicine with high technology, manufacturing intelligent and high-quality products, providing advanced health services integrating Chinese and Western medicine, and creating a world-class medical and health enterprise with Chinese characteristics. Taiji Group will realize the enterprise mission of inheriting and innovating traditional Chinese medicine and developing modern medicine to create the greatest value for human health.

Taiji Group is China's May 1 Labor Award winning enterprise. Jinping Xi, Zemin Jiang and other party and state leaders visited Taiji group to inspect its work. Zeming Jiang wrote “tai ji ji tuan” four glittering characters to encourage Taiji Group.